Future of Web Hosting Industry and Growth Prospect in 2016

Future of Web Hosting Industry and Growth Prospect in 2016
Future of Web Hosting Industry and Growth Prospect in 2016


Technology has the innovative and constant changes. One of the technologies that have this kind of development type is web hosting. It is really interesting to talk about how the future of web hosting in the future is and of course its growth prospect in 2016. Will the web hosting be better or vice versa? Below we will give the short overview about the future of web hosting industry and also about the prospect of its growth in 2016.

The Future of Web Hosting

We will start by talking about the possibility of Web Hosting Future. As we know that at the present time web hosting is used by a lot of companies, from the small, average up to the big company to support their business. A data shown that the internet users are increasing from time by time, and this data can be continued for next years and many others following years. According to this basic, we can say that the future of web hosting is really bright. It can be seen from the review that we got from a trusted source. This review is talked about the predictions of web hosting technologies that we can find on 2016. One of the examples of those technologies is Cloud Computing. This is actually a technology that had been used from some years ago. There is a prediction from Cisco that the global data of traffic center IP will be three times more (2,8 times more) for about five years later.

The other prediction for web hosting in the future is that there will be no more battle of infrastructure, but it will be replaced with the battle of applications. It means that the IT organizations will not only focus in the fastest infrastructure anymore, but they will also concentrate in how to deliver a better class of applications. This is for sure really good news for the web hosting users. They will be able to manage the sites better and better again in the future.

Growth Prospect of Web Hosting in 2016

Web hosting can be differing into three kinds; they are the managed web hosting, collocation and managed cloud hosting. In fact, these three types have the different percentages of growth. According to a trusted web site, we got information that the growth prospect of web hosting are like:

  • The compound annual growth of the managed hosting is around 23% up to 27% every year. So, we can assume that web hosting growth in 2016 is about those percentages.
  • Meanwhile, the compound growth of collocation service will be for about 20% every year.
  • The compound annual growth of the managed cloud hosting will be for about 50% per year.

From these statistics, we can conclude that the future of web hosting is super bright and strong. That is why; this is maybe the perfect time for you to start a web hosting company or even for using the web hosting services.

Things to Consider before Starting a Web Hosting Company

Things to Consider before Starting a Web Hosting Company
Things to Consider before Starting a Web Hosting Company

Starting a web hosting company is not an easy job. You have to make sure that you have already learned and understand the essentials knowledge to go with it. Below we will give some simple and easy overviews about some things that you can do to own your web hosting company. So, check this out.

  1. Learn about Web Hosting

Starting or making a web hosting company need some moneys. That is why; it is better for you to gain enough knowledge about web hosting before you spend some budgets for it. You can start it by learning about the basic thing first like the server space that you have to consider in order to store the website files. These files will be accessed by the users who go to a domain name of that website. Besides knowing more about web hosting industry, you have to learn about the competition as well. Try to look for what the other web hosting companies try to offer and what you will need to offer in order to get the competitive benefits. Apart from that there are different type of hosting based on the operating system, which is asp.net hosting and linux hosting.

  1. Deciding the Type of Business that You Want to Have

Yes, the second thing is that decide what type of business that you prefer. Actually, there are three kinds of basic ways in starting your own web hosting company. They are the ‘Reseller hosting’, ‘store and maintain your own data server’ and ‘Use a data server for your server’. If you wanted the cheapest way, you have to become a reseller hosting either the reseller hosting windows or reseller hosting linux. However, it will give fewer chances for getting more profits. Meanwhile, when you decided to maintain and store your own server, you will not be able to give some interesting offers just like what your competitors will do without spending more money. Using a data center is not as cheap as with become a reseller, but it is also not as expensive as when you decided to manage your own servers. So, which one is the best? The answer is by using the dedicated server, manage the company really well and monitor the servers are the best options for business.

  1. Register Legal Entity for your webhosting company

If you wanted to run a business, you have to always remember that you have to cover all the legal bases. The examples of these legal bases are creating some terms of services, Acceptable usage policy and many other related documents. Besides that, contacting or consulting a lawyer is also a great idea before you run or opening the web hosting company business.

  1. Give the Responsible Support for your webhosting customer

The next thing is that you have to give all the best possible supports for the users. The best web hosting company will give 24/7/365 responsible support for the clients. You can make these technical supports by using some tools or features such as the phone, chat, email or even the ticket system. Live chat is the newest options for technical support that you have to use at the present time. However, it means that you have to prepare enough budgets because you will rent some staffs that are ready to help the customers 24/7.

How to Begin with a Web Hosting Company

How to Begin with a Web Hosting Company
How to Begin with a Web Hosting Company

Unlike starting a private blog, starting a web hosting company require you to manage some infrastructures that will be needed or you can rely on some bigger players by buying reseller or VPS or dedicated servers from them. If you wanted to give some hosting services for the customers, you cannot just stop with shared hosting packages or free hosting packages. That is why; let us talk about each of these options for starting a web hosting company without spending too much money or budgets in the future.

Reseller Hosting Packages

For starting a web hosting company, the easiest way is maybe by buying reseller hosting packages that are offered by some popular web hosting service providers in this world. One of the biggest benefits that you can get by providing this package is that you don’t need to waste your time to deal and manage the infrastructures, technical supports or customers, billing and also treatment costs. However, you have to remember for only chose the expert host reseller to assure the satisfaction of your customers. It will avoid the users from some stressful problems such as the bad down time, bad technical supports and the other problems. Besides that, Reseller hosting packages is not suited for the long term needs.

Choose the VPS Packages

If you wanted to start with more elegant way and you want to pay more for this, so VPS package is an ideal option. VPS or Virtual Private Host will allow you to have an access with root level to the web server that will possibly you for running some web applications that cannot be executed if you used the shared hosting. Besides that, VPS will also give higher security level and there will be no other sites that are hosted on our hosting space. Last, VPS will give some controls from dedicated server. VPS is more expensive that shared hosting, but basically it has better services.

Dedicated Server Option

If you had wide and a lot of needs, dedicated server is maybe the only option that you need to use. Dedicated Server will give all the best services for a business that has a big traffic. However, this option is maybe will only suite with the company that has enough budgets because we can say that dedicated server is not a cheap option. So, this option is maybe not so appropriate or suite with a company that has a minimum budget. However, if you had a professional and great marketing team and you believed that you will get a lot of customers, investing your money in dedicated server is the best option. It will be better and simpler than using the VPS where you need to upgrade the services again. Furthermore, using dedicated server will not make you to be confused in thinking about the security or safety features and how the server’s work. It will give all the best services for you.

How to Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing  

How to Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing  
How to Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has become a popular type of marketing that is now being undertaken by numerous individuals from all walks of life who share on common goal and that is to earn money. Luck enough; there are many simple yet effective ways on how to make money using affiliate marketing that individuals can try.

These days, affiliate marketing provides sustainable opportunities for individuals to generate or grow their income quickly online. Moreover, if you really have the desire to make more money using affiliate marketing, do not solely rely on tips. You also need to advance your knowledge and skills.

But still, these tips or ways on how to make money using affiliate marketing can work favorably for you. In order to obtain more money and succeed in affiliate marketing follow these tips:

  • Create your Own Website or Blog Site  

Many successful affiliate marketers often start with website or blog creation. You will definitely need these important tools when incorporating links to certain affiliate services and products that you wanted to promote. There are also many inexpensive web services that can help you set up your own blog or website.

  • Select the Right Niche

To be able of generate higher amount of money online, you must know what you are really selling. There are various companies and sole proprietors that are now using affiliate marketing services to market their products effectively. The most excellent way on how to make more money using affiliate marketing is to select the best niche which you would like to effectively promote in the long run.

  • Find Services or Products that You ‘re Familiar With

Given the fact that there are plenty of affiliate products widely available these days, you seriously need to choose the one that perfectly suit your skills and knowledge for the most winning strategy.

  • Create Valuable and Relevant Content

When establishing your exclusive, you also need to consider the significance of relevant and compelling contents to attract more prospects.  Also, with the right information, you can possibly increase your client base.

  • Build Resourceful Website

Focus on marketing especially articles and how-to posts to provide banner ads and affiliate links effectively. This is a great means to drive online visitors and encourage them to click information and eventually buy your products and services. You also need to make sure that you are going to provide newest or freshest topics that are related to your chosen niche so internet users will become interested in your site every time.

You can also consider creating web reviews online on regular basis or try many other products that are related to your chosen niche. Create honest and unbiased reviews for this matter. Never forget to give your rating on the products to help potential clients decide on what practical and useful products to take. On all the reviews which you will be creating, make sure that you will include the links into your affiliate site. Drive solid traffic into your website by using your most effective affiliate marketing strategies to promote services and products.


Creative Ways to Promote Your Business on the Internet

Creative Ways to Promote Your Business on the Internet
Creative Ways to Promote Your Business on the Internet

Promoting a business is not an easy thing. You have to take a look at what is the trend that is happened around you and of course that you have to use some tools that are appropriate on that time. If we talked about this case, internet is a tool that is really beneficial to be used for promoting a business. However in fact, you can be losing in competing with the other people if you were not used some creative ways. To help you out, we will give some Creative Ways to Promote Your Business on the Internet like what we described as follows.

Creative Ways to Promote Your Business on the Internet: Make a Quiz or Contest

Contest is one of the effective ways to promote your business through internet. Some advantages that you can get by holding a contest is like getting a high impression from your market and you will get more customers who are involved. In holding a contest, you have to remember to make a contest that has a correlation with your product.

Creative Ways to Promote Your Business on the Internet: Share some Knowledges

The other Creative Ways to Promote Your Business on the Internet are by sharing some knowledge that will attract many customers to read and come. For example, you can share some useful tips and information at some social media such as Facebook, twitter, instagram and many more. You can share some tips that will lead the customers to believe in your product or to inform implicitly that you have a great business to be used.

Creative Ways to Promote Your Business on the Internet: Use the Advertising Features on Social Media

Nowadays, some social had already some features that will possibly their users for advertising a business or product. Facebook as an example, it has some advertising features that you can use to promote a business such as Page Post Ads Facebook, CPS, Sponsored stories and Page Like Ads. Besides using those kinds of advertising features, the other smart ways to promote your business is by doing sponsorship on some social media account that have a lot of followers. You can work together with that account to promote your business.

Creative Ways to Promote Your Business on the Internet: Reach the Community

On the internet, it will be easy for use to find some people who had the same hobby joined together in an online community or online forum. This is an effective target that you can use for promoting your business. So, your job is entering that community, becomes a part of them and then you can promote your business. However, one thing that you have to remember in this case is that you can only do the soft selling promotion. It means that you can directly say that you promote a business. For further information about soft selling, you can search on Internet or the other literatures.