Visual Studio 2014

Microsoft provides IDE for developing computer software, mobile app, web app, website, and web service. It is called Microsoft Visual Studio that integrates windows API, Windows Store, Microsoft Silverlight, and Windows Presentation Foundation. This IDE is in form of single software as code editor, debugger, code profiler, web designer, and database scheme. Basically, programmers only need one IDE, visual Studio, to build the complete program.

The Features of Visual Studio

Visual Studio uses code editor with support from code completion component and code re-fracturing. Integrated debugger combines source and machine level debugger to help programmers do the testing. With this software, you can build GUI application while coding. Application uses complex class connected each other. VS, common abbreviation for visual Studio, support various programming languages. Moreover, there are C, C++, NET, C#, JavaScript, Visual basic, XML, HTML, and CSS. The others are Ruby, Python, M, and Node.js.

  1. Code editor

As IDE, Visual Studio has code editor with code completion and syntax highlighting. The code completion is feature to identify each line in editor as proper syntax. If programmer does not complete his syntax, there is autocomplete mode that provides suggestion. It appears in modeler’s list box containing option to what the code should be. Meanwhile, Autosuggestion mode is useful to save the writing time. You just select syntax directly and apply on editor. Syntax highlighting means the bold color to different class and code. It helps to distinguish between one type and another.

The other feature in code editor is bookmark. You can use this feature to save code that will be applied for every coding. It is useful feature and available as quick navigation. The code editor has task list and multi-item clipboard.

While code is in writing, Visual studio does background compilation. The process is commonly stated as incremental compilation. It provides feedback to error and gives the red underline. That’s why editor can give syntax highlighting and suggestion.

  1. Debugger

Debugger is available at source and machine level. Visual Studio is capable to do debugging for any language as long as it’s already supported. When you activate the debugging process, there is a sign to show that the code is being run. It permits setting breakpoints to allow temporary stop while the execution is still running. You can either continue or stop to debug the entire code. Well, complex syntax requires time to finish debugging.

  1. Designer

Visual studio uses visual designer to support the app development. The tools include several types, such as Windows Form designer, Web designer, Data designer, Mapping designer, and class designer. Web designer or development is an editor to design the web pages. It provides drag and drop mode to add widgets. Microsoft integrates ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS into Visual Studio. If you want to create GUI app, Windows Form Designer comes in handy. It has layout to put tools, such as text box, grid, list box, and button as user interface for application.

  1. Other tools

Visual Studio provides several supporting tools for programmers. There are properties editor, new browser, object browser, team and data explorer, and server explorer. The others are text generation framework and Integrated VS to Office.