Future of Web Hosting Industry and Growth Prospect in 2016

Future of Web Hosting Industry and Growth Prospect in 2016
Future of Web Hosting Industry and Growth Prospect in 2016


Technology has the innovative and constant changes. One of the technologies that have this kind of development type is web hosting. It is really interesting to talk about how the future of web hosting in the future is and of course its growth prospect in 2016. Will the web hosting be better or vice versa? Below we will give the short overview about the future of web hosting industry and also about the prospect of its growth in 2016.

The Future of Web Hosting

We will start by talking about the possibility of Web Hosting Future. As we know that at the present time web hosting is used by a lot of companies, from the small, average up to the big company to support their business. A data shown that the internet users are increasing from time by time, and this data can be continued for next years and many others following years. According to this basic, we can say that the future of web hosting is really bright. It can be seen from the review that we got from a trusted source. This review is talked about the predictions of web hosting technologies that we can find on 2016. One of the examples of those technologies is Cloud Computing. This is actually a technology that had been used from some years ago. There is a prediction from Cisco that the global data of traffic center IP will be three times more (2,8 times more) for about five years later.

The other prediction for web hosting in the future is that there will be no more battle of infrastructure, but it will be replaced with the battle of applications. It means that the IT organizations will not only focus in the fastest infrastructure anymore, but they will also concentrate in how to deliver a better class of applications. This is for sure really good news for the web hosting users. They will be able to manage the sites better and better again in the future.

Growth Prospect of Web Hosting in 2016

Web hosting can be differing into three kinds; they are the managed web hosting, collocation and managed cloud hosting. In fact, these three types have the different percentages of growth. According to a trusted web site, we got information that the growth prospect of web hosting are like:

  • The compound annual growth of the managed hosting is around 23% up to 27% every year. So, we can assume that web hosting growth in 2016 is about those percentages.
  • Meanwhile, the compound growth of collocation service will be for about 20% every year.
  • The compound annual growth of the managed cloud hosting will be for about 50% per year.

From these statistics, we can conclude that the future of web hosting is super bright and strong. That is why; this is maybe the perfect time for you to start a web hosting company or even for using the web hosting services.