Looking for Powerful Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated server hosting is one of the traditional web hosting types. Different from shared hosting, though, dedicated hosting is designed for a specific client. Because of that, the price is more expensive than shared hosting. Nonetheless, it offers advantages that you cannot ignore. The performance is better and more reliable than shared hosting. It also offers higher security system because you do not share space with other clients. When it comes to choosing for dedicated hosting provider, you should go big or go home. It is important to invest more on it because this server will make your website thriving.

Searching for Powerful Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

When you are searching for powerful dedicated server hosting, you should put security at your top priority. Your data is very important. You do not want irresponsible people to steal your data. It is also crucial to protect your website from foreign virus attacks. One security wall is not enough. You should find provider that can give your multilayer protections against these attacks.

The security is not only limited to the virtual environment. While your server equips itself with more than one layer of protection against data breach and viruses, your physical server should be protected well too. There might be attempt to tamper with your system through the physical server. Your provider must have sufficient protection against physical attacks. SeekDotNet.com offers you both types of protection.

Your server should also accommodate your system very well. It should have specifications that will support the running of your website well. SeekDotNet.com offers four different dedicated server hosting products based on the specifications. The price points between these servers are different, although every plan is still within affordable range.

For the Entry and Basic plans, the server is equipped with DDR3 in size of 4GB as its RAM system. The Pro plan upgrades that RAM size to 6GB, while the Enterprise plan improves it to 16GB. The Entry plan has storage space of 500GB. Meanwhile, the Basic, Pro, and Enterprise plans have 1TB storage space. That gives you a lot of space to store your data. The bandwidth provided by this server provider is 5000GB per month for the Entry and Basic plans. If you subscribe to Pro plan, you will get 10000GB per month. 15000GB bandwidth per month is given to Enterprise plan.

Another thing you should consider when looking for powerful dedicated web server hosting is the flexibility to work on your own website. SeekDotNet.com allows client to install any software that they want to install in the server. You also have freedom to choose your preferred operating system or OS. If you want to customize and modify the server to your liking, you will have full support from technicians in SeekDotNEt.com. That is part of the service.

In addition to that, client can have multiple websites within one server. The provider also offers you with continuous support at any time and day in case you are facing difficulties when dealing with your site. Server reboot can be done any time without charge too.