What Are the Most Recent Updates for SQL Server?

For your information, SQL Server aims to manage data that placed in database. This server helps you to store the website’s data and manage the data itself. It is equipped with features that support your site’s growth, such as AlwaysOn Availability to protect the site’s documents and Stretch Database for transferring the data. Numerous of websites use SQL Server to support their data management process. It shows that SQL Server is a trustworthy and reliable program for enhancing your website. Now, Microsoft has released the latest version of SQL Server. What will it be like? Let’s find it out!

The Things that You Should not Miss from SQL Server

First thing to be remembered is the development of technology is inevitable. Every year we can find the upgraded version of a mobile application or a more advance cellphone. An application is developed with millions of purposes. It might aim to give the users more optimized application, introduce new features, and provide extra security system for the data. Here, we are going to find out the recent updates and features for SQL Server. Since New Year is approaching, Microsoft uses this moment to release the updated SQL Server. What are the things that you can’t miss from SQL Server?

Firstly, there are many recent updates that you can find on the web. Please choose the one that suits your website the most. Moreover, each version has its own installation guide to help you installing the program. Then, each download link gives the information about the appropriate products and tools for each version.

Secondly, the improved SQL Server is equipped with better features that are beneficial for your company site, for example UTF-8 that will ease the big data processing and managing. The classification process of each data becomes much easier with this feature. Later on, you will have your data is well-organized enough.

Next, since SQL Server is committed to protect your data at all cost, it is supplied with security certification. The security certification that’s used by this server is SSL/TLS. With this certificate, SQL Server is able to guarantee that your site’s data is safe and it is handled by the proper resource. In short, you should not be worry anymore!

Then, this upgraded SQL Server allows you to collaborate not only with your colleagues but also with an Artificial Intelligence. By collaborating with Artificial Intelligence, the process of data management and operational can be conducted flawlessly. Furthermore, it helps the users to work side-by-side with AI that would be mainly used in the future.

As we know, the changes in technology are something that we can’t avoid. The improvement of technology will not be conducted for an unclear reason. In this case, the upgraded technology aims to give an enhanced experience for users in utilizing it. SQL Server has updated its program with more improved features, such as security certification, data managing feature, and Artificial Intelligence. Furthermore, this upgraded SQL Server has an installation guide to install it.