5 CMS Options that Based on ASP.NET

When you are looking for solid, reliable CMS (Content Management System) for a website, you may want to choose ASP.NET-based ones. As we know, when it comes to CMS, there are two types people love to compare: the LAMP stack and the ASP.NET. The latter is more preferable these days because it has better features. Besides, CMS options that solely based on ASP.NET suits perfectly to .NET platform. If you want to know more about this CMS, down below is the further explanation about it.

Here are the Best ASP. NET CMS Options Available Today

There are a lot of options when it comes to CMS that based on ASP.NET. Basically, every single CMS out there is great. However, these five below are considered to be the best because they do have useful features and provide better quality for the website.

  1. DotNetNuke

As we know, DNN is the most famous ASP.NET-based CMS globally. It is loved by so many web developers for its flexibility and plentiful features. Essentially, using DNN allows you to give sophistication to your website’s design and contents. If you want to use DNN, use premium version. It comes with full features that will suit the needs of any website.

  1. Sitefinity

If you build a website for commercial use, you need Sitefinity. This CMS is completed by scalable pricing options in order to smoothen your business. This CMS is also an open source, so you can use it to manage the content of your website at no cost at all.

  1. Umbraco

Umbraco is probably the most experienced ASP.NET-based CMS. This CMS is great for those who want to establish low-cost website, thanks to its open-source style. Even though it is free, it does not mean that the features are not great. Umbraco has numerous great features on database, including excellent template and sophisticated development tools.

  1. Kentico

If you are just a beginner in web developing world, you need the help of Kentico. This CMS is great for newbie as it is not that difficult to understand and it has user-friendly interface. Kentico has numerous features, including supports for e-commerce and social sharing. If you want to use Kentico, make sure you use premium version as it does not have ads roaming around all over the place.

  1. mojoPortal

Don’t have that many skills to develop website? Use mojoPortal. This CMS is well-known because it is very easy to use. Therefore, numerous people often question its power and scalability. Do not worry about that because mojoPortal is packed with features and tools to effortlessly help you develop the website.

Well, besides all those CMS above, surely there are plenty more of them out there. Sometimes, choosing CMS for website is quite a gambling. You may have no idea which CMS is going to fit the best to the website you run. That is why it is understandable if you want to explore several different options of CMS before deciding to settle down on one.